Interbank market ends with 35 paisas gain in rupee value

KARACHI: The US dollar weakened by 35 paisas against the Pak Rupee in Interbank Foreign Exchange Market on Thursday owing to foreign inflows and lower demand for import payment.




The rupee ended Rs138.23 to the dollar from previous days closing of Rs138.58 in interbank foreign exchange market.

The interbank foreign exchange market was initiated in the range of Rs138.52 and Rs138.56.

The market recorded day high of Rs138.52 and low of Rs138.00 and closed at Rs138.23.

The local currency strengthened by 55 paisas so far this week against the US dollar in interbank foreign currency market.

The open market also followed the interbank market as the local unit gained anther 20 paisas.

The buying and selling of dollar was recorded at Rs138.00/Rs138.50 from previous day’s close of Rs138.20/Rs138.70 in cash free market.

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