Finance Bill 2019: 12th Schedule introduced to levy 3pc value addition sales tax on all imported goods

ISLAMABAD: The government has proposed Twelfth Schedule to Sales Tax Act, 1990 to streamline imposition of 3 percent value addition tax on imported goods.

The schedule has been proposed to make part of the Act through Finance Bill, 2019.

According to the schedule,

(1) The sales tax on account of minimum value addition as payable under this Schedule (hereinafter referred to as value addition tax), shall be levied and collected at import stage on all taxable goods as are chargeable to tax under section 3 of the Act or any notification issued thereunder at the rate specified in the Table in addition to the tax chargeable under section 3 of the Act or a notification issued thereunder:

(2) The value addition tax under this Schedule shall not be charged on,—

(i) Raw materials and intermediary goods meant for use in an industrial process which are subject to customs duty at 16% or 20% ad valorem under First Schedule to the Customs Act, 1969;

(ii) The petroleum products falling in Chapter 27 of Pakistan Customs Tariff as imported by a licensed Oil Marketing Company for sale in the country;

(iii) Registered service providers importing goods for their in-house business use for furtherance of their taxable activity and not intended for further supply; and

(iv) Cellular mobile phones or satellite phones.

(3) The value addition tax paid at import stage shall form part of input tax, and the importer shall deduct the same from the output tax due for the tax period, subject to limitations and restrictions under the Act, for determining his net liability. The excess of input tax over output tax shall be carried forwarded to the next tax period as provided in section 10 of the Act.

(4) In no case, the refund of excess input tax over output tax, which is attributable to tax paid at import stage, shall be refunded to a registered person.

(5) The registered person, if also dealing in goods other than imported goods, shall be entitled to file refund claim of excess carried forward input tax for a period as provided in section 10 or in a notification issued there under by the Board after deducting the amount attributable to the tax paid at import stage i.e. sum of amounts paid during the claim period and brought forward to claim period. Such deducted amount may be carried forward to subsequent tax period.”

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