Sindh Food Authority seals many breakfast eateries in Karachi

KARACHI: Sindh Food Authority has sealed many breakfast eateries in different districts of Karachi on Sunday.

Director Operations, Sindh Food Authority Abrar and Deputy Director Imtiaz Abro along with his team inspected various big eateries.

Names are as under:

1) Master broast

2) Baithak peshawari

3) Dera

4) Handi Inn

5) New Dil pasand

The team found extreme unhygienic and poor condition of production and storage area. Besides high contamination of dairy products also found in products including meat, salads, pees, sweets, vegetables.

It is detected that temperature controlling devices were not installed and sanitary conditions were not satisfactory.

Further following issues were also found:

— No tracebility records were shown

— No pests management records were shown

— No medical certificates of food handlers

— open kitchen

— MSG(banned by supreme court) was found

— unknown food colours/essence were found

— Mislabelling

The authority imposed fine of Rs400,000 in total and sealed eateries temporary, including Master Broast, Dera and Baithak.

In district east, inspection was done at following breakfast eateries in Bahadurabad:

1) Tooso 2) Nashta point 3) Abbas hotel 4) Akram lassi

In Gulshan e Iqbal

1) Continental sweets & bakers 2) Asia pakwan
The issues were found at these eateries, included:

— Extremely poor hygiene.

— Sop’s were not followed.

— Cross contamination in food.

— Rancid oil.

— no medical certificates of food handlers

— incomplete traceability records

The authorities imposed fine of Rs210,000

The Sindh Food Authority has take action in District Central:

Inspection done at following breakfast eateries

1) Nasir Sweets, Dhamtal, United king, Dilpasand, Kamran Sweets, Madina Sweets, Chai Session and Mazaidar Pakwan Center.

The issues were found as:

— Extremely poor hygiene.

— SOP’s were not followed.

— Cross contamination in food.

— no medical certificates

Imposed fine of Rs40,000 in total and sealed Madina Sweets.

Total fine imposed in different districts of Karachi is Rs650,000. The authority has give 7 days of time period is given to these eateries for improvement and chalaan payment.

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