FBR promotes 114 inspectors to BS-16 Revenue Officers

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Tuesday notified promotion of 114 inspectors of Inland Revenue and Assistant Private Secretaries to the post of Revenue Officers (BS-16) on regular basis with immediate effect.

Following officers have been promoted:

01. Muhammad Aslam, Regional Tax Office (RTO) Rawalpindi

02. Muhammad Arshad, Large Taxpayers Unit (LTU) Islamabad

03. Abbas Jan Muhammad, RTO-II Karachi

04. Muhammad Shakil, Intelligence and Investigation (I&I), IR Karachi

05. Muhabat Ikhlaq, RTO Gujranwala

06. Abdul Rasool Soomro, RTO Hyderabad

07. Liaqat Ali Sahu, RTO Sukkur

08. Niaz Ali Bhan, Internal Audit (IR), Hyderabad

09. Muhammad Rahim Khan, Directorate General I&I IR, Islamabad

10. Muhammad Ashraf, RTO Faisalabad

11. Umar Hayat, RTO Faisalabad

12. Samiullah Khan, RTO Sargodha

13. Muhammad Intezar, RTO Sargodha

14. Javed Iqbal Qureshi, RTO Sargodha

15. Khalid Hayat, RTO Rawalpindi

16. Muhammad Muaaz Khalid, RTO Sargodha

17. Abdul Saleem Tariq, RTO Gujranwala

18. Muhammad Ramzan, RTO Gujranawala

19. Muhammad Ghias Khan, RTO Sialkot

20. Muhammad Nadeem, LTU Lahore

21. Iqtidar Ahmed, LTU Lahore

22. Manstoor Najeeb, RTO-II Lahore

23. Nisar Hussain, Corporate RTO Lahore

24. Malik Riaz Ahmed, Corporate RTO Lahore

25. Abdul Waheed, RTO-II Lahore

26. Tariq Baig, Corporate RTO Lahore

27. Syed Muzaffar Ali Langa, RTO Hyderabad

28. Shafqat Ali Arain, Directorate of Internal Audit IR Karachi

29. Muhammad Aslam Qureshi, RTO Hyderabad

30. Syed Shabbir Ahmed Shah, RTO Hyderabad

31. Abdul Lateef Kerio, RTO Hyderabad

32. Ameer Ali Kerrio, RTO Hyderabad

33. Ghulam Sarwar, Corporate RTO Karachi

34. Muhammad Aslam Chandio, RTO Sukkur

35. Allah Bux Agham, Additional Directorate of Internal Audit IR Sukkur

36. Ghulam Ali Kakepata, RTO Quetta

37. Mardan Ali, RTO Sukkur

38. Pir Naveed Ahmed, RTO Sukkur

39. Jamil Ahmed Soomro, Corporate RTO Karachi

40. Abdul Nabi Khokhar, RTO Sukkur

41. Muhammad Ayub Brohi, RTO Quetta

42. Abdul Khalique Jamali, RTO Hyderabad

43. Ishq Ali Magsi, RTO Sukkur

44. Imamuddin Zardari, RTO Hyderabad

45. Abdul Jabbar Bhutto, RTO-III Karachi

46. Rashid Hussain Soomro, RTO Sukkur

47. Nazir Ali Keerio, RTO Hyderabad

48. Aftab Ahmed Thallo, RTO Quetta

49. Rashid Ahmed Shahani, RTO Sukkur

50. Pir Sharful Haq Qureshi, RTO Hyderabad

51. Hussain Bukksh Shahani, RTO Hyderabad

52. Zulfiqar Ali Jamali, RTO Hyderabad

53. Saleem Ahmed Hakro, RTO Sukkur

54. Muhammad Rafique Magsi, RTO Quetta

55. Sultan Ahmed Magsi, LTU-II, Karachi

56. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, RTO Sukkur

57. Agha Avais Khan, RTO Sukkur

58. Kashif Ali Shah, Corporate RTO Karachi

59. Muneer Ahmed Brohi, RTO Sukkur

60. Irfan Ali Umrani, RTO Quetta

61. Mujahid Hussain Shah, RTO Sukkur

62. Mazhar Ali Shah, RTO Sukkur

63. Mumtaz Ali Siyal, RTO Sukkur

64. Shafique Ahmed Mengal, RTO Quetta

65. Azhar Ali Bhutto, RTO Sukkur

66. Muhammad Aftab Amin, Corporate RTO Karachi

67. Ambrat Rai Chawla, LTU-II Karachi

68. Tahir Hussain Shah, RTO Sukkur

69. Syed Zaheer Haider Zaidi, LTU Karachi

70. S Q Aijaz ul Haq, RTO Hyderabad

71. Ghulam Muhammad Memon, RTO Hyderabad

72. Ashouk Kumar Rathi, RTO Hyderabad

73. Madad Ali Bhatti, RTO Hyderabad

74. Sarfraz Ali, RTO Bahawalpur

75. Zafar Iqbal, RTO Bahawalpur

76. Muhammad Yamin, RTO Bahawalpur

77. Sajid Hussain, RTO Sahiwal

78. Rao Abdul Qayyum, RTO Bahawalpur

79. Muhammad Hafeez Watto, RTO Bahawalpur

80. Riaz Ahmed, RTO Bahawalpur

81. Mashooq Hussain, RTO Multan

82. Rab Nawaz, I&I IR Multan

83. Abdur Rasheed, RTO Multan

84. Syed Ghulam Mustafa, RTO Sahiwal

85. Irshad Ahmed Bajwa, RTO Sahiwal

86. Muhammad Iqbal, RTO-II Lahore

87. Masood-ul-Hassan, RTO Sahiwal

88. Ahmed Shafique Elahi, RTO Faisalabad

89. Ch. Muhammad Kha, RTO Rawalpindi

90. Syed Ali Atif Jaffary, RTO Rawalpindi

91. Humayun Khan Durrani, RTO Rawalpindi

92. Rao Baber Ali Khan, LTU Islamabad

93. Naseer Ahmed, RTO Peshawar

94. Ms. Salma Sharif, RTO Islamabad

95. Akhtar Mehmood, RTO Islamabad

96. Arshad Mahmood Baig, RTO Islamabad

97. Muhammad Khalid Gill, FBR HQ Islamabad

98. Waqar Haider, RTO Islamabad

99. Altaf Hussain Khan, LTU Islamabad

100. Muhmmad Shomail Aslam Khan Tareen, RTO Islamabad

101. Saqib Faryad Malik, RTO Islamabad

102. Raja Riffat Hayat, RTO Sargodha

103. Ghulam Sarwar Shaikh, Directorate of Internal Audit, Sukkur

104. Ayaz Ali Shaikh, LTU II Karachi

105. Shahanshah Muhammad Yousaf, RTO-II Karachi

106. Ghulam Raza, LTU-II Karachi

107. Salman Qamar, RTO-II Karachi

108. Gain Chand Chawala, RTO-II Karachi

109. Akif Sohail APS, Corporate RTO Lahore

110. Muhammad Jawed, APS, IR Appeals-I Karachi

111. Muhammad Nadeem, APS, I&I IR Karachi

112. Muhamamd Islam, APS, RTO Peshawar

113. Tahir Pervaiz, APS, Corporate RTO Lahore

114. Abdul Khaliq Ch. APS, RTO Islamabad

The FBR said that the promotion would take effect from the date of joining by the officers, subject to the condition that no disciplinary proceedings were pending against them.

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