FBR assigns officers for directorate immovable properties

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has assigned officers of Inland Revenue Service (IRS) for the duties to make operational the directorate of immovable properties. Read more »

IMF ready to support Pakistan: Christine Lagarde

KARACHI: International Monetary Fund (IMF) is ready to support Pakistan in difficult economic situation, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of IMF said on Sunday after meeting with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Read more »

Income Tax Ordinance 2001: Computation of profits, gains from exploration, production of petroleum

KARACHI: The income tax law has explained separately for computation of profits and gains from exploration and production of petroleum in Pakistan. Read more »

Customs Valuation under Customs Act, 1969 – Urdu version

25A ۔ کسٹم کی مالیت کا تعین کرنے کا اختیار۔ ( 1 ) دفعہ ۲۵ میں موجود کسی امر کے باوجود، کسٹم کلکٹر ازخورد یا ڈائریکٹر کسٹم ویلیوایشن اپنے طور پر یا... Read more »