Proposals for budget 2019/2020 finalized; salary persons may get increase; rise in additional customs duty likely

ISLAMABAD: The ministry of finance has finalized proposals for budget 2019/2020 and will get approval from the Cabinet before presenting in the Parliament on June 11, 2019. Read more »

Profit on banking deposits: High tax rate planned for non-filers in budget 2019/2020

ISLAMABAD: A sharp increase in withholding tax rate (may be up to 30 percent) on profit on banking deposits has been planned for non-filers in order to make it almost impossible to... Read more »

Massive cut in tax exemptions, concessions likely in budget 2019/2020

ISLAMABAD: The government has planned to a massive cut tax in exemptions and concessions in the budget 2019/2020, which is scheduled to be announced on June 11, 2019. Read more »

Protest on June 10 against plan to abolish zero-rate sales tax

KARACHI: Textile value added sector has announced to stage protest on Monday June 10, 2019 against proposed plan to abolish sales tax zero-rating for export sector. Read more »