Inflation increases more faster for lower income group

ISLAMABAD: The prices of essential items have increased more faster for lower income group earning up to Rs8,000 per month as compared with other income groups.




According to Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the week ended January 10, 2019 the increase in essential items had affected the lower income group earning up to Rs8,000 per month.

The inflation increased by 0.51 percent for this group. The inflation increased for other groups included: up to Rs12,000 (0.47 percent), up to Rs18,000 (0.45 percent), up to Rs35,000 (0.41 percent), and above Rs35,000 by 0.34 percent.

The combined inflation of all groups increased by 0.4 percent on weekly basis when compared with the period ended January 03, 2019.

The weekly SPI with base 2007-08=100 covering 17 urban centres and 53 essential items for all income groups/quintiles and combined has been computed.

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