Two highest taxpayers amongst 116 to be conferred with Pakistan Civil Awards on Independence Day

ISLAMABAD: Two highest taxpayers are amongst those who will be awarded with ‘Pakistan Civil Awards’ on the occasion of Independence Day on August 14, 2019.

A statement on Tuesday said that on the occasion of Independence Day, 14th August, 2019, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been pleased to confer the following ‘Pakistan Civil Awards’ on citizen of Pakistan as well as foreign nationals for showing excellence and courage in their respective fields.

The investiture ceremony of these awards will take place on Pakistan Day, 23rd March, 2020, says a press release issued here by Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Division.


1. Mr. Song Tao (China) Services to Pakistan

2. Mr. Zhong Shan (China) Services to Pakistan

3. H.E. Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (UAE) Services to Pakistan

4. Sheila Jackson Lee (USA) Services to Pakistan


5. Dr. Abdul Qudous Saikh Shaheed (Sindh) Gallantry


6. Ms. Zhao Baige (China) Services to Pakistan

7. Mr. Khaliq Dad Khan (Punjab) Electronics

8. Maj.(R) Azam Suleman Khan (Punjab) Public Service/National Security

9. Qari Syed Sadaqat Ali (Punjab) Public Service


10. Senator Lindsey Graham (USA) Services to Pakistan


11. Baroness Syeeda Hussain Warsi (UK) Services to Pakistan

12. Ms. Geng Ying (China) Services to Pakistan

13. H.E. Mr. Bakhtibek Shabarbayev (Kazakhstan) Services to Pakistan


14. Malik Khadin Shaheed (South Waziristan) Gallantry

15. Malik Fazal Ur Rehman Shaheed (South Waziristan) Gallantry

16. Malik Gul Shamad Khan alias Matorkey Shaheed (North Waziristan) Gallantry

17. Mian Shah Jehan Shaheed (KP) Gallantry

18. Malik Muhammad Ayaz Shaheed (Bajaur Agency) Gallantry

19. Dr. Mazhar Ul Haq Kakakhel (KP) Gallantry


20. Dr. Shahzad Nasim (Singapore) Services to Pakistan

21. Dr. Zaid Ahmed Al-Muhaisen (Jordan) Services to Pakistan

22. Prof. Javed Iqbal (Punjab) Services to Pakistan

23. Dr. Asif Mahmood (USA) Services to Pakistan

24. Mr. Najeeb Ullah Ghauri (USA) Services to Pakistan

25. Dr. Pavel Bem (Czesh Repbulic) Services to Pakistan

26. Dr. Selamic Kilic (Turkey) Services to Pakistan

27. Dr. Berislav Gaso (Crotia) Services to Pakistan

28. Mr. Zia Aftab (Punjab) Engineering(Electronics)

29. Mr. Safdar Moavia (Punjab) Engineering(Mechanical)

30. Mr. Rehan Majid (Sindh) Engineering(Mechanical/ Aerospace)

31. Dr. Rizwan Hussain (Punjab) Science (Chemistry)

32. Mr. Abdul Qayyum (Punjab) Engineering(Mechanical)

33. Mr. Muhammad Ilyas (Punjab) Engineering(Mining)

34. Prof. Dr. Arshad Saleem Bhatti (Punjab) Science (Physics, Nano-Science & Nanotechnology)

35. Prof. Dr. Ayub Sabir (KP) Education

36. Dr. Kamran Vasfy Academic Distinction (Medicine/Destist)

37. Mr. Asrar Ahmad (Ibne Safi) (late) (Sindh) Literature

38. Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (Sindh) Public Service

39. Allam Razi Jafar Haqvi (Sindh) Public Service

40. Mr. Muhammad Javed Afridi (KP) Public Service

41. Mr. Ahmedullah Public Service (Highest Tax Payer)

42. Mr. Rehan Hassan Public Service (Highest Tax Payer)

43. Justice (R) Nasira Iqbal Public Service


44. Syed Farman Hussain (KP) Science(Chemistry)

45. Mr. Muhammad Haroon (KP) Engineering(Mining)

46. Mr. Muhammad Farooq (Punjab) Science(Physics)

47. Dr. Liaqat Ali (Punjab) Engineering(Nuclear)

48. Dr. Shabana Waseem (Punjab) Science(Chemistry)

49. Mr. Nisar Hussain Chughtai (Punjab) Engineering (Chemical)

50. Dr. Muhammad Hammad Asghar (Punjab) Science (Physics)

51. Mr. Jawaid Ahmad Siddiqui (Sindh) Engineering (Electronics)

52. Mirza Rizwan Baig (Punjab) Science (Physics)

53. Dr. Sara Qaiser (Punjab) Science(Chemistry)

54. Mr. Javed Ahmed (Punjab) Engineering (Mechnical)

55. Mr. Tahir Mahmood Hayat (Punjab) Engineering (Civil)

56. Ms. Naseem Akhtar of Gujrat (Punjab) Arts(Embroidered complete Qura’an)

57. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi (Sindh) Arts(Music)

58. Mr. Fazal Abbas Jutt (Punjab) Arts(Singing)

59. Mr. Ghulam Abbas (Punjab) Arts(Music)

60. Mr. Waris Baig (Punjab) Arts(Singing)

61. Saien Zahoor Ahmed (Punjab) Arts(Singing)

62. Ms. Raheela Khanam alias Deeba Khanum (Punjab) Arts(Acting)

63. Dr. Musarrat Hassan (Punjab) Arts(Painting)

64. Ustad Khursheed Hussain (Sindh) Arts(Tabla Nawaz)

65. Ustad Abu Muhammad Qawal (Sindh) Arts(Qawwali)

66. Mr. Ghulam Mohiuddin (Punjab) Arts(Acting)

67. Mr. Sahir Ali Bagga Arts(Singing)

68. Mr. Hassan Sadpara (late) (Gilgit Baltistan) Sports(Mountaineer)

69. Master Ayub Public Service


70. Ms. Lee Rhiannon (Australia) Services to Pakistan

71. Mr. Karin Zoeter (Belgium) Services to Pakistan

72. Ms. Yasmin Qureshi (UK) Services to Pakistan

73. Mr. Rehman Chishti ((UK) Services to Pakistan

74. Mr. Ali Sahin (Turkey) Services to Pakistan

75. Mr. Muhammad Balta (Turkey) Services to Pakistan

76. Lord Qurban Hussain (UK) Services to Pakistan

77. Mr. Abdulla Saeed Al-Ghfeli (UAE) Services to Pakistan


78. Mr. Shah Gul Hayat (Gilgit Baltistan) Gallantry

79. Mr. Muhammad Zakriya (Gilgit Baltistan) Gallantry

80. Mr. Muhammad Asif Bhatti (Punjab) Gallantry

81. Mr. Zahid Ullah (Punjab) Gallantry

82. Mr. Muhammad Naveed Akhtar (Punjab) Gallantry

83. Mr. Amjad Hussain (Punjab) Gallantry

84. Rana Tariq Mahmood Chohan (Punjab) Gallantry

85. Mr. Salah Ahmed (Balochistan) Gallantry

86. Mr. Ahmed Raza (Punjab) Gallantry

87. Mr. Saqib Hassan (Sindh) Gallantry

88. Mr. Muhammad Tahir (KP) Gallantry


89. Mr. Khalid Mehboob (Punjab) Services to Pakistan

90. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Sayed (Egypt) Services to Pakistan

91. Dr. Faeza Imtiaz (Punjab) Science (Chemistry)

92. Dr. Muhammad Farooq Zafar (Punjab) Science(Metallurgy/ Material)

93. Mr. Mohsin Ali (KP) Engineering (Mechanical)

94. Mr. Sajid Mahmood (Islamabad) Science(Metallurgy/ Material)

95. Mr. Muhammad Farooq Mirza (Punjab) Engineering (Mechanical)

96. Lt. Col. (R) Syed Taqi Ahmed (Punjab) Engineering (Electronics)

97. Dr. Shahnaz Perveen (Sindh) Science(Chemistry)

98. Mr. Yousaf Saleem Academic Distinction (Differently abled)

99. Mr. Rizwan Beg Arts(Fashion Designer)

100. Mr. Naeem Pasha (KP) Arts(Architect/Painting)

101. Mr. Faqeero (Sindh) Arts(Sculpture)

102. Ms. Kaeiser Beg (Punjab) Arts(Mosaics Work)

103. Syed Zabeeb Masood Shah (Punjab) Arts(Na’at Khawani)

104. Ms. Sanam Marvi (Sindh) Arts(Music)

105. Ms. Fehmeda Riaz (late) Literature(Poetry)

106. Malik Fida-ur-Rehman (Punjab) Journalism

107. Mr. Muhammad Usman (late) Public Service

108. Ms. Fariha Razak (late) (Sindh) Public Service

109. Ms. Sabeen Shah (Sindh) Public Service

110. Mr. Khalid Mahmood (Punjab) Public Service

111. Mr. Ijaz Ahmad (Punjab) Public Service

112. Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Tariq Rafi (Balochistan) Public Service (Education)

113. Mr. Muhammad Akhtar Chaudhry (AJK) Public Service

114. Dr. M. Salah-ud-Din Mengal (Balochistan) Social Services

115. Mr. Kamran Lashari Public Service


116. Dr. Marian Jane Morrison (UK) Services to Pakistan

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