PIA starts monitoring of free tickets

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has started monitoring of free tickets granted to non-revenue and government agencies officials.

A notification issued by the national flag carrier stated that management had decided to introduce a procedure for the traveling of non-revenue passengers as well as for officials of government agencies traveling on 100 percent free tickets to escort the flight or traveling as an air guard or any other.

The following procedure has been prescribed by the airline:

– A specific counter must be assigned for non-revenue passengers and government agencies officials at domestic side as well as international side, all non-revenue tickets including 100 free tickets of government agencies will only be entertained at this counter.

– Remarks about photo ID check of these passengers are inserted in the comments field of HITIT system while performing their check-in. P-No or employee number of PIA employees should also be recorded in the comments field for future reference likewise with the government officials.

– After the generation of boarding cards the cards will be stamped with NR stamp in case of traveling of PIA employees whereas the cards of the government agencies will be stamped with GR stamp.

– Stamp will be forwarded to stations by KHIWBPK.

The PIA asked the relevant officers to arrange and dispatch these stamps under intimation to stations from today on FAS stations will confirm on receipt of these stamps.

The airline said that as stations will receive the stamps, all to ensure 100 percent compliance with the directives.

The airline further said that spot checks will be conducted by the management while in case of non-compliance station head will be held responsible.

The national flag carrier is facing immense financial losses due to such activities. The latest move will help the PIA to overcome losses to some extent.

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