Customs recovers huge quantity of drugs, smuggled goods

KARACHI: Customs authorities have recovered huge quantity of contrabands and smuggled goods in different action against culprits on Friday.

Customs staff posted at Jinnah International Airport intercepted a Nigerian national, who came from Turkey, and after examination recovered around one kilogram of cocain.

Total value of the drugs in local market is around Rs20 million.

The customs authorities said that the Nigerian national came on the international flight Turkish Airline. He was passing through Green Channel where the customs officer suspected him and he was stopped and diverted to scanning machine.

Scanning machine showed presence of concealment in handle of his hand carry bag. On further physical examination of his bag by customs officers, the handle of the bag was opened and cut down into pieces which resulted in recovery of 1kgs of cocaine.

The customs staff at Jinnah International Airport actively got hold of the accused passenger and the drugs. An FIR is being lodged accordingly.

In another case Anti Smuggling Organization of MCC Preventive on Friday in pursuance of actionable intelligence, intercepted a passenger bus at Moachko choke point and recovered smuggled goods after dismantling concealment.

Goods seized are as under:-

1. 80 Nos Tyres assorted size worth Rs. 528,617/,

2.Cigarettes 320 dandas worth Rs 480,000/,

3. Assorted cloth 3323 meters (565kgs) worth Rs 408,382/ and

4. Betel nuts 470 kg Rs130,660/. Total c&f value of seized goods is Rs. 1,547,659/.

Tantative value of the bus (Al Haris Coach) bearing registration No JB-1945 is
Rs.7000,000/- .

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