FBR imposes penalty on lady customs officer for inefficiency, misconduct

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has imposed penalty of withholding two annual increments on lady customs official for inefficiency and misconduct.

The FBR said that disciplinary proceedings under Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 1973 were initiated against Ms. Razia Sultana Bhutto, Principal Appraiser (under suspension), Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement (West), Karachi through charge sheet dated September 29, 2017 by the Collectorate for various acts of omission and commission, constituting “Inefficiency”, “Misconduct” and “Corruption”.

Ammar Ahmad Mir, Deputy Collector, Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement-West, Karachi was appointed as Inquiry Officer to conduct inquiry into the charges. According to inquiry report dated February 01, 2018 submitted by the inquiry officer, the charges of “Inefficiency” & “Misconduct” were partially established against the accused, however, the Collector /Authorized Officer “exonerated” her from the charges vide Collectorate order dated 06.04.2018.

The Authority/ Member (Admn), FBR observed that the exoneration of the accused officer was made without any justification, in view of the gravity of charges established against her during the inquiry.

Therefore, in exercise of powers conferred under Rule-6-A of the Government Servants (E&D) Rules, 1973, the Member (Admn), FBR in his capacity as Authority decided to impose penalty on the accused.

However, before imposing the penalty, the accused officer was served a Show Cause Notice dated February 21, 2019 as provided under sub-rule-2 of Rule 6-A of the Government Servants (E&D) Rules, 1973.
The Member (Admn) being the Authority in this case, after having considered all aspects of the case, and in exercise of powers under the Government Servants (E&D) Rules, 1973 has set-aside the office order dated 06.04.2018 of exoneration and imposed the minor penalty of “With-holding of two annual increments” (falling on December 01, 2019 & 2020) upon Ms. Razia Sultana Bhutto, Principal Appraiser under rule 4(1)(a)(ii) of the Government Servants (E&D) Rules, 1973 with immediate effect.

The official is re-instated into service with immediate effect and the intervening period of her suspension w.e.f March 14, 2017 till re-instatement shall be treated as leave of kind due and admissible under the rules.

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