MCC Peshawar announces auction of mobile phones on Jan 22

ISLAMABAD: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Peshawar announced to conduct public auction of confiscated mobile phones on January 22, 2019.


The collectorate will auction the following goods on January 22.

36-M/2018: F/o SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE 2 DUOS =22-Nos & SAMSUNG GALAXY J1 =33-Nos Total 55-Nos.

41-M/2018: F/o SAMSUNG GALAXY J1 =23-Nos & SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE 2 DUOS =30-Nos Total 53-Nos.

11-M/2018: F/o Q 3310 Mini Mobile Phones =1987-Nos.

19-M/2018: F/o Q Mobile D4 Phone =08-Nos.

28-M/2018: F/o SAMSUNG MOBILE PHONE (J56SM-J510-F/DS) =45-Nos

49-M/2018: F/o Voice Mobile Phone V-105 =580-Nos, V-840 60-Nos & V-2426 160-Nos Total =800-Nos.

203-G/2018: F/o NOKIA (107) Mobile Phone =02-Nos, G Five (Model 1226)=01-No & Q Mobile (H50) =01-No Total 04-Nos.

22-M/2018: F/o Q MOBILE (L9) Phone (L9) =174-Nos

48-M/2018: F/o Q MOBILE Phone (L7) =14-Nos.

12-M/2018: F/o Q MOBILE Phone XL3000 =01-No & Q Mbile E2000 PARTY=05-Nos Total 06-Nos.

02-B/2018: F/o Gamma M2 Mobile Phone =501-Nos. (Stay)

105-B/2016: F/o Nokia 1134 Mobile Phones =119-Nos, 1110 116-Nos, 1035 80-Nos, 944 45-Nos, 1136 62-Nos & 1133 59-Nos Total =481-Nos.

28-B/2016: F/o Nokia 1035 =40-Nos & Nokia 944 =38-Nos Total =78-Nos.

166-G/2015: F/o Samsung Galaxy Alpha Mobile Phones =04-Nos & IPhone GSM=01-No Total =05-Nos.

46-G/2017: F/o Q Mobile K-180 =05-Nos.

25-M/2018: F/o Samsung G570F =18-Nos, Samsung G610F 01-No, Samsung G313 01-No Motorolla XT1030 01-No & HTC X200 01-No Total =22-Nos.

12-G/2017: F/o Samsung Galaxy Alpha SM-G580 F Mobile Phones =02-Nos

37-G/2017: F/o Q Mobile J5 =1450-Nos & Q Mobile LT700 PRO =536 Nos Total=1986-Nos.

301-G/2014: F/o Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos SM-G355H =112-Nos, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 01-No, Samsung Iphone =01 No, Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 02-Nos & Tab 4 01-No Total =117-Nos.

08-/2018: F/o Q Mobile Commando 1 =99-Nos.

62/2018: F/o Nokia 130 (Dual Sim) =15-Nos, Nokia 3310 05-Nos Samsung Galaxy C5 02-Nos & Q Mobile L9 02-Nos Total =24-Nos.

162-G/2018: F/o Samsung Galaxy J5 23-Nos Galaxy J2 25-Nos & Samsung A3 (6) 16-Nos Total =64-Nos.

43-M/2018: F/o Nokia N1 616 Mobile Phone =01-No, Nokia N106 21-Nos, Nokia N1280 01-No & Nokia N1202 03-Nos Total =26-Nos.

44-M/2018: F/oQ Mobile Phone Assorted Model/Brands = Total =2150-Nos

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