MCC Preventive Peshawar announces auction of confiscated vehicles on Sept 11

ISLAMABAD: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Preventive Peshawar has announced auction of confiscated vehicles on September 11, 2019 at various state warehouses.

Following vehicles will be presented for auction:


01. Honda Accord Car Model 1987 Chassis No. JHMCA5300C000462

02. Mercedes Benz (Bullet Proof) Model 1982 Chassis No. WDB-12603312037551

03. Honda Accord Motor Car 1985 Chassis No. JHMCA45300C002584

04. Mercedez Benz Truck Model 1995 Chassis No. WDB6770381K175873

05. Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep Model 2006 Chassis No. JMYLNV76W6J001329

06. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Model 1999 Chassis No. LJ90-0002325

07. Toyota Hilux Pick Up 4X4 Model 1997 Chassis No. JT733LNA309004002

08. Toyota Hilux Pick Up Model 2007 Chassis No. MROCS12G400043443

09. Toyota Fielder Car Model 2002 Chassis No. NZE121-0134145

10. Mitsubishi Pajero Model 2006 Chassis No. JMYLNV76W6J001340

11. Toyota Land Cruiser Model 2004 Chassis No. LTERB71J800020686

12. Toyota Hilux Pick Up Model 2001 Chassis No. JTFDE626800061496

13. Toyota Camry Car Model 2014 (as per Website) Chassis No. 6TIBF3FK-40X056581

14. Mercedez Benz Car Model 2002(as per Website) Chassis No. WDB2100162B169560

15. Toyota Land Cruiser 1993 Chassis No. KZJ78-0007642


01. Toyota Surf Model 1996 Chassis No. RZN185-0015007


01. Toyota Mark-X Car Model 2006 Chassis No. GRX120-0009539


01. Toyota Corolla Car Model 2007 Chassis No. NZE120-6073022

02. Daewoo Car Model 1992 Chassis No. KLATF19TINB-522281

03. Toyota 2D Corolla Car, 1992 Chassis No. EE101-3046367

04. Pickup Model 1980 Chassis No. RN43-003433

05. Toyota Land Cruiser Model 1988 Chassis No. LJ-710003848

06. Mark-1 Motor Car Model Nil Chassis No. LA3VS-216474

07. Motor Car Model 1978 Chassis No. M-430-300918

08. Toyota Corolla Car Model 1982 Chassis No. A171-A-8024009

09. Toyota Pick Up Model 1980 Chassis No. RN40-069388

10. Toyota Corolla Car Model 2003 (as per Website) Chassis No. NZE120-6005014

11. Toyota Double Cabin Model 1996 (as per Website) Chassis No. JT133LNA409046824

12. Towance Model 1994 (as per Website) Chassis No. CR22-5016240

13. Suzuki Mehran Car Model 1989 Chassis No. SB308PK622878

14. Toyota Pick Up Double Cabin Model 1986 (as per Website) Chassis No. LN56-0075058

15. Toyota Corolla Car Model 1992 (as per Website) Chassis No. CE100-3020027

16. Toyota Mark-II Car Model 2001 (as per Website) Chassis No. JZX110-6022047

17. Suzuki Alto Car Model 2002 Chassis No. HA23S-689157

18. Toyota Corolla Saloon Car Model 2004 (as per Website) Chassis No. ZZE121-9010983

19. Suzuki “VXR” Car Model 2001 Chassis No. HA23S-613292

20. Honda Motor Cycle CG-125 Model 2005 Chassis No. S74083

21. Honda Motor Cycle CG-125 Model 2003 Chassis No. D72343

22. Honda Motor Cycle CG-125 Model 2007 Chassis No. BJ017444

23. Honda Motor Cycle CG-125 Model 2001 Chassis No. PF012620

24. Honda Motor Cycle Deluxe 125CC Model 2006 Chassis No. BJ006783

25. Toyota Corolla Car Model 2001 (as per Website) Chassis No. CE100-9020816

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