Karachi traders criticize FBR for not including in consultative committee

KARACHI: Traders’ associations of Karachi have criticized Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for not including representatives of small traders and shopkeepers from the commercial hub of the country in newly constituted committee for fixed tax scheme.

Javed Shams, President, Anjuman e Tajeran Sindh (Karachi Division) on Saturday expressed reservation for not giving representations the trade representatives from Karachi in the consultative committee for fixed tax scheme.

He said that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) a day earlier constituted the consultative committee to resolve the issues of small traders that were arisen in the budget 2019/2020.

He said that in a meeting with FBR chairman with small traders it was decided that all the representatives of small traders across the country would be given representation.

“But no representation has been given to traders from Karachi,” he lamented.

Javed Shams said that Karachi contributes around 70 percent of the total revenue yet it was ignored in key tax discussions.

He demanded that the traders from this commercial hub of the country should be given representations.

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