Prime Minister invites suggestions on new tax amnesty scheme: KCCI

KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked business community to give their suggestions for a new tax amnesty scheme, said Junaid Makda, President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Monday.

Makda said that the prime minister recently met representatives of chambers and associations of the country, including KCCI, to take feedback on the economy.

At the meeting the challenges to business community was discussed, Makda said.

The meeting was also attended by federal ministers and advisers.

The prime minister discussed about improving GDP growth. The prime minister also expressed reservations over failure of past amnesty schemes, Makda said.

The prime minister invited suggestions for new amnesty scheme, Makda said, adding that the KCCI suggested amnesty for local taxpayers.

KCCI president said that the business community informed the prime minister that due to difficult tax environment most people preferred out of tax net.

Makda suggested that litigation against taxpayers should be withdrawn. Those taxpayers paying more should be given priority, he added.

KCCI president said that division of filers and non-filers created immense problems. Besides, zero rated and non-zero rated also created difficulties at industrial level, he added.

He also demanded that notices to beneficiaries of past amnesty schemes from NAB and FIA should be stopped.

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