Collectors’ power to determine customs values withdrawn

KARACHI: The government has withdrawn the power of Collector of Customs in determination of customs value on his own motion through Finance Bill 2019. Read more »

Clearance of mobile phones: Customs valuation of 234 brands, models issued

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has issued valuation of 234 different brands and models of mobile phones for the purpose of determination of duty and taxes at clearance stage. Read more »

Customs valuation meeting at commerce division

ISLAMABAD: A meeting on the Customs Valuation was held here on Friday in the Commerce Division with Abdul Razak Dawood, Prime Minister’s Advisor for Commerce & Textile, Industries & Production and Investment... Read more »

Customs Valuation under Customs Act, 1969 – Urdu version

25A ۔ کسٹم کی مالیت کا تعین کرنے کا اختیار۔ ( 1 ) دفعہ ۲۵ میں موجود کسی امر کے باوجود، کسٹم کلکٹر ازخورد یا ڈائریکٹر کسٹم ویلیوایشن اپنے طور پر یا... Read more »