200,000 late filers get active taxpayers status

200,000 late filers get active taxpayers status

ISLAMABAD: Around 200,000 income tax return filers paid surcharge to get their names in Active Taxpayers List (ATL) during past 15 days.

According to latest ATL for tax year 2020 updated up to March 14, 2021 the number of active taxpayers has increased to 2.37 million as compared with 2.17 million persons in the ATL 2020 issued by the FBR on March 01, 2021.

The appearance of taxpayers’ name on the ATL guarantees exemption from withholding tax on various transactions and reduction of withholding tax rate.

The FBR includes names of only those taxpayers, who file their annual returns within due date or it was extended by commissioner appeals on the basis of request filed by the taxpayers.

However, late filers can also enlist their names on the ATL after payment of surcharge.

The payment of surcharge is Rs1,000 for individuals, Rs10,000 for Association of Persons and Rs20,000 is for corporate entities.

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