FBR drafts rules for warehousing, export of POL products

FBR drafts rules for warehousing, export of POL products

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has drafted rules for bonded warehousing and export POL Products.

The FBR issued SRO 872(I)/2021 on Friday and proposed amendments to Customs Rules, 2001. The FBR invited recommendations on the draft rules from stakeholders before finalizing the rules to make part of the law.

Following new rule 363A has been suggested regarding bonded warehousing and export of POL products:

 (1) The owner may store any imported POL products in a warehouse and export the same in accordance with rules 363A to 363F.

(2) At the time of arrival of goods at a port, the owner shall file goods declaration through WeBOC system for in-bonding of the imported POL products submitting the documents as required under the Act.

(3) The securities in the shape of postdated cheques and indemnity bond furnished by the owner under section 86 of the Act, at the time of warehousing of POL products, shall continue to be in force notwithstanding the transfer of the goods to any other person or firm unless the warehoused POL products are exported by way of supply to conveyances as provisions and stores as provided in section 106 of the Customs Act, without payment of any duties, taxes or levies, as the case maybe.

Explanation / Note: Since the POL products, to be imported under this scheme, will be shipped or supplied without foreign exchange remittances from Pakistan, on account of cost of goods at the time of their imports, therefore, no Electronic Import Form (EIF) shall be required at the time of filing of GD for their in-bonding. Similarly, no EIF shall be required at the time of export. The owner of any POL products, warehoused in accordance with the foregoing provisions of this rule, may export such POL products as provisions and stores for conveyances proceeding to any foreign territory including by way of direct sale or sale through a third party.

Explanation / Note: ‘direct sale’ — means that owner makes a direct sale to the owner or charterer of the conveyance and deliver the POL products to such conveyance. ‘Sale through a third party’ — means that the owner will:

(i) issue sales invoice to a foreign entity other than the owner or charterer of the conveyance; and

(ii) deliver POL products to a conveyance on the instructions of such foreign entity.