FBR establishes help desks for resolving issues in automated sales tax refunds

FBR establishes help desks for resolving issues in automated sales tax refunds

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Wednesday established help desks at various Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) and Large Taxpayers Units (LTUs) in order to facilitate taxpayers regarding resolving issues pertaining to Fully Automated Sales Tax e-Refund (FASTER).

The FBR nominated officers at RTOs and LTUs in order to resolves queries and issues regarding filing of Annexure-H and issuance of refunds under FASTER system.

The FBR nominated following officers for help desks:

01. Bilal Zamir, Deputy Commissioner – IR, LTU Lahore.

02. Ahmed Faiz, Assistant Commissioner-IR, RTO Faisalabad.

03. Najam- ul -Hassan Sial, Assistant Commissioner –IR, RTO Faisalabad.

04. Hafiz Muhammad Waris, IRAO, RTO-II Lahore.

05. Muhammad Suleman, Senior Auditor, RTO-II Lahore.

06. Malik M Javed Iqbal, Assistant Commissioner-IR, CRTO Lahore.

07. Ms. Sharmeen Qamar, Assistant Commissioner – IR, CRTO Lahore.

08. Aminullah Kakar, Deputy Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.

09. Shahid Rehan, Senior Auditor, CRTO Karachi.

10. Sana Baluch, Deputy Commissioner-IR, RTO-III Karachi.

11. Abdul Sattar Palh, Assistant Director Audit, RTO-III Karachi.

12. Muhammad Imran Ali, Deputy Commissioner-IR, RTO Sialkot.

13. Muhammad Qamar Minhas, Deputy Commissioner-IR, RTO Multan.

14. Nadeem Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner-IR, RTO Multan.

15. Fayyaz Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner-IR, RTO Multan.

16. Ms. Riffat Aziz, Deputy Commissioner-IR, RTO Gujranwala.

17. Muhammad Ali, Assistant Commissioner-IR, RTO Gujranwala.

18. Amjad Ali Moroojo, Inland Revenue Audit Officer, LTU Karachi.

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