FBR issues guidelines to facilitate issuance of sales tax refunds in 72 hours

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued guidelines to facilitate taxpayers in issuance of sales tax refunds within 72 hours.

The FBR issued user guidelines for filing Annexure – H i.e. details of stock position of sales tax registered persons. This annexure is mandatory for refund claimants and they may submit statement within 120 days from due date of return filing of particular tax period; other registered persons are encouraged to provide these details, the FBR said.

The FBR advised the sales tax registered persons to use Annexure – H to upload transactions for the month i.e. purchase, import and consumption only.


Opening and closing balances are derived/calculated automatically. Same is with Excel uploading otherwise objection of duplicate value will arise.


The FBR said that opening and closing balance in sales tax return must match with Annexure – H.

It is further advised to sales tax registered persons to use Annexure – H column consumed / exported during the month (domestic zero rated / export for amount of refund on export mentioned in return (minus tax on local supplies).

The FBR advised the sales tax registered persons to use column consumed / sold during the month (domestic taxable supplies) for consumption against domestic supplies in relation to output tax declared in return.


Mark invoice wise inadmissible input tax in Annexure – A relating to SRO 490. Do not attach / claim GD of imports or/and exports that have already been claimed or not relevant.


The FBR said that credit brought forward from previous claim will automatically be available in Annexure – H.

The FBR added new items in list of items: sizing, yarn dyeing, yarn doubling, weaving, knitting, processing (bleaching, dyeing and printing), stitching, embroidery.

The FBR said that RCPC for refund preparation system has been replaced with Annexure – H for all types of sales tax refund claims from July 2019 onward.


Properly filled Annexure – H without objections and anomalies of data will ensure processing in 72 hours.

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