FBR launches GUI to make return filing user-friendly

FBR launches GUI to make return filing user-friendly

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched Graphical User Interface (GUI) for making return filing user-friendly.

The FBR on Monday said that it had launched GUI. “Taxpayers will experience modern and user-friendly interface for smooth accomplishment of tax operations,” the FBR added.

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The goal is to escort taxpayers through the processes in a way that shows them exactly what FBR wants them to see and understand at specific points in tax operations.

Following upgradations have been made for better application performance and security:

1. JDK 7 to JDK 11. 

2. JBOSS community version 7 to JBOSS EAP 7.4.5.

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3. Upgraded OS from Red Hat Linux Enterprise 7.9 to Red Hat Linux Enterprise 8.5.

To improve the security standards, Web Application Firewall (WAF) has been implemented to secure IRIS from any malicious malware and hacking activities.

Instead of single Oracle Database Exa Machine, PRAL has distributed the load to the two available Oracle Database Exa machines. To achieve this distribution on the IRIS application side, a number of significant changes have been made at architectural end. 

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Intake of this distribution is Income Tax Return load segregated from other tax operations (Sale Tax, Withholding, Registration. Tax Collector End (Back Office etc). It will also ensure application functioning at peak efficiency and minimize business disruption.

To ensure the stability of IRIS after above mentioned distribution, PRAL has also performed load testing activity by simulating huge concurrent number of users on IRIS application which has been successfully achieved.

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