FBR promotes 49 Inland Revenue Officers to Assistant Commissioner BS-17

FBR promotes 49 Inland Revenue Officers to Assistant Commissioner BS-17

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) o Wednesday promoted 49 officers of Inland Revenue from BS-16 to the post of Assistant Commissioner Inland Revenue (BS-17) with immediate effect.

Following are the officers, who are promoted by the FBR:

01. Farrukh Rehman, Regional Tax Office (RTO), Faisalabad

02. Amjad Ali Khan, Corporate RTO, Lahore

03. Kanwar Abdul Rahim, RTO Multan

04. Muhammad Akbar, RTO Multan

05. Iftikhar Ahmad Lali, RTO Faisalabad

06. Malik Muhammad Arshad, Corporate RTO, Lahore

07. Mehrur Rehman, RTO Peshawar,

08. Abid Hussain, RTO Peshawar

09. Fazl-e-Amin, RTO Peshawar

10. Asim Sana Naik, Corporate RTO Lahore

11. Khuda Bux Abbasi, RTO Sukkur

12. Tafukhur Zahoor, Directorate of Internal Audit (IR), Lahore

13. Muhammad Pervez Khan, Large Taxpayers Unit (LTU) Karachi

14. Darshan Lal, Corporate RTO Karachi

15. Muhammad Khan, Corporate RTO Lahore

16. Tauheed Raziq Khan, RTO Multan

17. Muhammad Humayun, RTO Peshawar

18. Aslam Pervez, RTO Peshawar

19. Qaisar Khan, RTO Peshawar

20. Mazhar Javed, RTO Sahiwal

21. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, RTO Multan

22. Muhammad Mazhar Ejaz, RTO Faisalabad

23. Ashfaq Ahmed, LTU Karachi

24. Muhammad Yaqub Malik, RTO Islamabad

25. Akbar Ali Shad, Internal Audit (IR) Islamabad

26. Muhammad Mohsin, RTO-II Islamabad

27. Farasat Yar Khan, Corporate RTO Karachi

28. Ejaz Iqbal Raja, RTO Rawalpindi

29. Muhammad Asghar, RTO Faisalabad

30. Azizur Rehman Awan, RTO Quetta

31. Saleem Raza, RTO Sargodha

32. Abdul Qayyum, LTU Islamabad

33. Ansar Hussain, Internal Audit IR Rawalpindi

34. Zia Ahmad Butt, LTU Islamabad

35. Muhammad Rafiq Awan, LTU Karachi

36. Khalid Ali Siddiqui, LTU II Karachi

37. Muhammad Irfan Siddiqui, LTU Karachi

38. Mustafa Tayyab Ali, Corporate RTO Karachi

39. Muhammad Naeem Sialvi, RTO II Lahore

40. Aftab Ahmad Nasir, RTO Faisalabad

41. Javed Iqbal, RTO Faisalabad

42. Muhammad Altaf Anjum, RTO Faisalabad

43. Jamshed Khan, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, IR, Peshawar

44. Muhammad Zafar, RTO Islamabad

45. Ishtiaq Ahmed, RTO Gujranwala

46. Mehboob Ahmed, RTO Gujranwala

47. Mehboob Ahmad, RTO Gujranwala

48. Noor Muhammad Baloch, RTO III Karachi

49. Muhammad Shahzad, Corporate RTO Karachi

The FBR said that the promotion would take effect from the date of their joining, subject to the

conditions that no disciplinary proceedings are pending against them.

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