FBR promotes 65 IROs to post of Assistant Commissioner

FBR promotes 65 IROs to post of Assistant Commissioner

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Wednesday promoted 65 Inland Revenue Officers (IROs) of BS-16 to the post of assistant commissioner of Inland Revenue BS-17 with immediate effect.

The FBR promoted following officers to the post of Assistant Commissioner IR with their name and place of posting:

  1. Muhammad Arshad, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation IR, Karachi
  2. Zahid Saleem, Regional Tax Office (RTO) Gujranwala
  3. Mazhar Ali Khan, RTO-I, Karachi
  4. Zulfiqar Ali, Corporate Tax Office (CTO) Lahore
  5. Mirza Baqaullah Baig, CTO, Karachi
  6. Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Awan, FBR HQ
  7. Muhammad Ismail ur Rehman, RTO Islamabad
  8. Ghulam Dastagir, CTO Lahore
  9. Syed Muhammad Kamal, Directorate I&I Karachi
  10. Shahid Asif Saddiqui, Large Taxpayers Office (LTO), Karachi
  11. Syed Wasi Imam, RTO-II, Karachi
  12. Yousuf Bashir, RTO-II, Karachi
  13. Aijaz Hussain Sahto, RTO-I, Karachi
  14. Salmab Zubaid, RTO-I, Karachi
  15. Iltaf Hussain, RTO Peshawar
  16. Ayaz Ali Dahrajo, RTO Hyderabad
  17. Muhammad Anwar Javed, RTO Islamabad
  18. Zulqarnain Gondal, RTO Sargodha
  19. Anjum Mahmood, LTO Lahore
  20. Tanveer Aslam, RTO Gujranwala
  21. Zia ur Rehman, RTO-II Karachi
  22. Muhammad Aslam, RTO-I Karachi
  23. Waheed ul Haq, CTO Karachi
  24. Shahid Mahmood Ishaqui, Medium Taxpayers Office (MTO), Karachi
  25. Muhammad Saeed, RTO Lahore
  26. Sajid Ali, AEIO Zone Islamabad
  27. Muhammad Aslam, RTO Rawalpindi
  28. Muhammad Umer Farooq, RTO Rawalpindi
  29. Ateequ ur Rehman, Directorate General of Internal Audit IR Islamabad
  30. Muhammad Anwar Kakar, RTO Quetta
  31. Muhammad Shafiq, RTO Sahiwal
  32. Muhammad Ilyas Satti, RTO Islamabad
  33. Muhammad Sarwar Malik, Directorate General of Internal Audit IR Islamabad
  34. Tariq Saeed Ghuman, CTO Lahore
  35. Mukesh Kumar, RTO-II Karachi
  36. Niaz Ahmed Khan, RTO Peshawar
  37. Shams ur Rehman, RTO Peshawar
  38. Muhammad Nayyar Karim, LTO Karachi
  39. Khawar Iqbal, RTO-I Karachi
  40. Mujeeb Alam, Directorate General I&I IR Islamabad
  41. Muhammad Amin Gondal, RTO Faisalabad
  42. Syed Shahid Hussain Shirazi, Directorate General of Internal Audit (IR), Islamabad
  43. Muhammad Azam Mughal, RTO-II Karachi
  44. Zulfiqar Ali Khoso, RTO Hyderabad
  45. Sh. Fayyaz Ahmed, LTO Islamabad
  46. Malik Afzaal Ahmed, RTO Islamabad
  47. Khaisata Gul, RTO Peshawar
  48. Iqbal Noor, RTO Peshawar
  49. Karamat Hussain, RTO Multan
  50. Muhammad Ashraf Khan, RTO Islamabad
  51. Safdar Hussain, LTO Lahore
  52. Tahir Mehmood Awan, RTO Faisalabad
  53. Munir Ahmed, RTO Sialkot
  54. Nasir Ali, RTO Multan
  55. Jahanzeb Khan, RTO Lahore
  56. Muhammad Saleem Qari, RTO Islamabad
  57. Muhammad Saeed, RTO Peshawar
  58. Muhammad Anjum, RTO Peshawar
  59. Riaz Gul, RTO Peshawar
  60. Siraj Muhammad, RTO Peshawar
  61. Muhammad Farooq Khan, RTO Peshawar
  62. Muhammad Mansha Nasir, RTO Lahore
  63. Muhammad Aslam, RTO Lahore
  64. Munir Ahmed Mahar, RTO Sukkur
  65. Shakeel Ahmed, RTO Hyderabad

The FBR said that the promotion will take effect from the date of charge assumption subject to the condition that no disciplinary proceedings are pending against them.

The FBR further said that the promoted officers would undergo a departmental training for a period of three months at Directorate General of Training and Research, Inland Revenue for which separate schedule would be issued by the board.

“In case an officer is retiring within one year from commencement of the said training, he will be exempt from such training.”

The officers will remain on probation for a period of one year, extendable further for one year, subject to satisfactory completion of the training.