FBR recommended imposing environmental tax on industries producing polluting materials

KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been suggested to impose environmental tax on industries producing non-renewable and polluting materials.
Pakistan has a wide range of industries, which are involved in usage and production of nonrenewable, polluting materials that are extremely harmful for our environment.
“There are many entities, AOPs and sole proprietors who are not taxed because they either do not have taxable income or, they do not intend to disclose it properly while conducting their businesses that are damaging country’s environment,” said Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) in its tax proposals for budget 2019/2020..
The institute recommended that higher tax should be levied at non-renewable, polluting inputs and outputs, such as coal, automobiles, chlorine, phosphate detergents, chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, lead acid batteries and plastic etc.
“As an incentive, the organizations taking measures to preserve the environment may be made eligible for a tax credit,” it further suggested.
Pakistan is already lacking behind other developed and developing countries who are taking measures to safeguard their ecosystem.
“Introduction of this tax and tax credit would not only increase tax revenue and encourage multiple entities to file their return of income in order to avail the tax credit, but Pakistan will also be recognized as a country, which is taking an initiative to safeguard the environment,” ICAP suggested.
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