FBR seeks exemption for its officials during coronavirus lockdown

FBR seeks exemption for its officials during coronavirus lockdown

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Monday sought exemption for its officials during lockdown to prevent spread of coronavirus pandemic.

In a circular the FBR said that in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal and provincial governments had introduced various measures to contain the spread of the virus, which included lockdowns across the country.

The FBR said that the personnel of essential services and few other agencies had been exempted from these lockdowns.

FBR, in this last quarter of the financial year, through its multiple field formations (Inland Revenue/Customs) across the country is making all out efforts to consolidate and ensure maximum revenue collection, the FBR said.

Needless to say, money/funds are urgently required by the federal and provincial governments to wage this war against the coronavirus pandemic.

The revenue body said in these circumstances, it is imperative that all field offices of FBR, engaged in revenue collection remain open and are fully operational.

However, due to the lockdowns enforced through the country, the officers and staff are unable to reach their offices and perform their duties.

This has therefore, critically effected the operational preparedness of this organization and is also adversely affecting the revenue collection.

The FBR asked all relevant federal and provincial agencies to exempt from lockdown the officers/staff of FBR who are in possession of permission letters from their respective chief commissioner-IR / Chief Collector Customs/Heads of Operational offices to reach their offices in order to perform their duties.