Food lovers pay additional 30% via Foodpanda

Food lovers pay additional 30% via Foodpanda

The food lovers are compelled to pay an additional 30 per cent of the amount of food delivered via Foodpanda.

The trend of orders from Foodpanda raised on big scale in Pakistan. Many Food lovers enjoyed the deals and discounts being unaware of the additional 30 per cent payment they were making.

Although Foodpanda claims it only collect delivery charges on food supply. However, food suppliers say the delivery company is charging 30 per cent on each ordered item. Therefore, the total price of an item increases by 30 per cent on supply through Foodpanda.

The team PkRevenue discovered that the consumers were forced by the restaurants to pay the 30 per cent additional amount to avoid the fall in profit.

The stores provided high rates for the food to Foodpanda for the consumer. These high rates covered the additional 30 per cent for the consumer to pay.

A salesman at the Sodka branch of Block 18 Samanabad, Gulberg, Karachi informed about the additional 30 per cent payment by the consumers.

The salesman said that restaurants partnered with Foodpanda provide high prices for their products to avoid the deduction in their profit margin.

The salesman explained that Foodpanda charges the consumer for the delivery services and it charges 30 per cent of the amount of food to the restaurants for their services.

However the restaurants pass on the burden to the consumers through giving high rates for their food to Foodpanda to avoid decreased profit margin.

Consequently the consumers ordering through Foodpanda have to pay the delivery charges plus the 30 per cent of the amount of food ordered.

The salesman advised the people that it is better to take away the food from the restaurant because, the consumer will get real prices for the food.

Moreover the salesman also suggested that the consumers should consume the services of Bykea to order food. He added that the Bykea will only charge for the delivery service of the food.