Huge lot of Afghan transit vehicles to be auctioned on May 15

Huge lot of Afghan transit vehicles to be auctioned on May 15

KARACHI: A large number of motor vehicles of Afghan Transit Trade has been offered for auction at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim International Terminal Operator (QICT), Karachi.

The auction is scheduled for May 15, 2020.

Following vehicles will be presented for auction:

S. No.Lot No.DescriptionNo pkgs/Units
1QAT=01July2011Suzuki Jeep and Motorcycle06 units
2QAT=08June2011Toyota Corolla car06 units
3QAT=05June2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
4QAT=03June2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
5QAT=11May2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
6QAT=10May2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
7QAT=06May2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
8QAT=05May2011Toyota Corolla Car05 units
9QAT=04May2011Toyota Corolla Car05 units
10QAT=01Jan2011Suzuki STRIMB/Toyota Corolla Car06 units
11QAT=02Nov2010Toyota Corolla Car05 units
12QAT=01Nov2010Suzuki Balino05 units
13QAT=02Sep2010Used Toyota Corolla05 units
14QAT=02Sep2009Toyota Corolla Car05 units
15QAT=02Feb2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
16QAT=01Mar2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
17QAT=02Mar2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
18QAT=01Apr2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
19QAT=05Mar2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
20QAT=04Mar2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
21QAT=03Mar2011Toyota Corolla Car05 units
22QAT=03Apr2011Toyota Corolla Car05 units
23QAT=02May2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
24QAT=10Jun2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
25QAT=25July2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
26QAT=24July2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
27QAT=12Jun2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
28QAT=11Jun2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
29QAT=07Jun2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
30QAT=06Jun2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
31QAT=01Aug2010Truck Cabin With Accessories04 units
32QAT=01Sep2010Toyota Corolla Car04 units
33QAT=01May2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
34QAT=26July2011Crane01 unit
35QAT=02Jun2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
36QAT=03May2011Toyota Corolla Car06 units
37QAT=01Dec2010Divo Matiz Car04 units
38QAT=01Oct2010Old Used TV 
39QAT=03Feb2011CT Scanner Machine 
40QAT=01Dec2011Glass Wool (Loos) 
41QAT=02Oct2013Oil Base Paint 
42QAT=01June2011Old Used Road Roller06 units
43QAT=08May2011Vehicles Suzuki Maruti06 units
44QAT=09May2011Vehicles Toyota Corolla05 units
45QAT=03Jan2011Vehicles Toyota Corlla04 units
46QAT=03Aug2012Glass Weare1X40 Cont
47QAT=05Nov2010Toyota Corolla05 units
48QAT=09June2011Toyota Corolla06 units
49QAT=07Mar2011Toyota Corolla06 units
50QAT=04April2011Toyota Corolla06 units
51QAT=21July2011Toyota Corolla06 units
52QAT=23July2011Toyota Corolla06 units
53QAT=22July2011Toyota Corolla06 units
54QAT=02Jan2011Toyota Corolla06 units
55QAT=07May2011Toyota Corolla06 units
56QAT=17June2017Excavator Model DX-22501 unit
57QAT=01April2011Toyota Corolla Car 199606 units
58QAT=25July2011Toyota Corolla Car 199705 units
59QAT=24July2011Toyota Corolla 199606 units
60QAT=02April2011Toyota Corolla Car 199705 units
61QAT=11Aug2011Toyota Corolla Car 199706 units
62QAT=08June2011Toyota Corolla Car 199606 units
63QAT=02Sep2011Toyota Corolla Car 199505 units
64QAT=02Feb2011Toyota Corolla Car 199706 units
65QAT=03April2011Toyota Corolla Car 199505 units
66QAT=03Nove2010Suzuki Alto 199508 units
67QAT=10May2011Toyota Corolla Car 199406 units
68QAT=10Aug2011Toyota Corolla Car 199906 units
69QAT=08Aug2011Toyota Corolla Car 199705 units
70QAT=01Dec2010Daewoo Matiz 199905 units
71QAT=02Sep2010Toyota Corolla Car 199506 units
72QAT=01Sep2010Toyota Corolla04 units

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