IR barred from arresting women on tax default

IR barred from arresting women on tax default

KARACHI: The offices of Inland Revenue are prohibited for arresting women on charge of tax default. Besides, the offices also cannot arrest a minor.

According to Income Tax Rules, 2002 there is prohibition against arrest of woman or minor.

The commissioner of Inland Revenue shall not order the arrest or detention in the civil prison of: a woman; or any person who, in his opinion, is a minor or of unsound mind.

The rules also envisaged certain conditions on IR officers regarding entry into dwelling house for arresting tax defaulter.

For the purpose of making an arrest under these rules,-

(a) no dwelling house shall be entered after sunset and before sunrise;

(b) no outer door of a dwelling house shall be broken open unless such dwelling house or a portion thereof is in the occupancy of the defaulter and he or any other occupant of the house refuses or in any way prevents access thereto; but, when the person executing any such warrant has duly gained access to any dwelling house, he may break open the door or any room or apartment if he has reason to believe that the defaulter is likely to be found there; and

(c) no room, which is in the actual occupancy of a woman who, according to the custom of the country, does not appear in public shall be entered into unless the officer authorized to make the arrest has given notice to her that she is at liberty to withdraw and has given her reasonable time and facility for withdrawing.

In case of illness of a tax defaulter the commissioner can release by cancelling the warrant for the arrest.

Release on ground of illness.-

(1) At any time after a warrant for the arrest of a defaulter has been issued, the Commissioner may cancel it on ground of the serious illness of the defaulter.

(2) Where a defaulter has been arrested, the Commissioner may release him if, in the opinion of the Commissioner of Tax, he is not in a fit state of mind to be detained in the civil prison.

(3) Where a defaulter has been committed to the civil prison, he may be, released therefrom by the Commissioner on the ground of the existence of any infectious or contagious disease or on the ground of his suffering from any illness.

(4) A defaulter released under this rule may be re-arrested, but the period of his detention in the civil prison shall not in the aggregate exceed that authorized by rule 164.

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