Jessica Alba Trigger Warning Divides Critics: Netflix Movie Review

Jessica Alba Trigger Warning Divides Critics: Netflix Movie Review

Jessica Alba’s latest Netflix movie, Trigger Warning, has sparked mixed reactions from critics since its premiere on Friday.

The film, featuring Alba as Parker, a U.S. Special Forces commando returning home after her father’s murder, has garnered a range of reviews, with many expressing disappointment.

In Trigger Warning, Parker takes over her family’s bar and reconnects with her ex-boyfriend, now the sheriff, played by Mark Webber, and his brother, portrayed by Jake Weary. The storyline unfolds as Parker investigates her father’s death and uncovers a dangerous local gang, complicating her mission.

Critics on Rotten Tomatoes have given Trigger Warning a 26 percent rating based on 19 reviews, indicating a predominantly negative reception. The audience score is even lower at 16 percent, based on over 50 user ratings.

David Ehrlich of IndieWire criticized Alba’s performance, drawing comparisons to Sylvester Stallone’s “Rambo” series. He commented, “Seemingly bored out of her mind in every scene where she isn’t slitting a bad guy’s throat, the likable Dark Angel actress—a capable action star who’s never lacked charisma in the past—appears to have confused Rambo-like stoicism with complete dissociation.”

Robbie Collin from the Telegraph echoed the sentiment, describing Trigger Warning as lacking impact despite its title. He remarked, “There are installments of the Minions franchise more liable to épater the bourgeoisie than this thinly spread thriller.”

However, Dennis Harvey of Variety offered a more positive assessment, labeling the film as “slick and eventful enough to maintain viewer engagement.” While noting some plot contrivances, Harvey highlighted director Mouly Surya’s ability to sustain momentum throughout the film.

Trigger Warning marks Alba’s return to the big screen after a five-year hiatus since her last role in the 2019 film Killers Anonymous. Alongside Alba, the movie stars Tone Bell and Gabriel Bosso, and is exclusively available for streaming on Netflix.

As opinions continue to circulate, Trigger Warning invites viewers to form their own verdict on Alba’s comeback and the film’s action-packed narrative.