Karachi Port Releases Shipping Movements for June 25, 2024

Karachi Port Releases Shipping Movements for June 25, 2024

Karachi, June 25, 2024 – The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) has released its shipping movements report for Tuesday, June 25, 2024, to facilitate stakeholders with detailed updates on the port’s activities.

Ships Berthed:

• Dimistris Y (Container Ship)

• Pavo Breeze (Rock Phosphate)

• M.T Shalamar (Tanker)

• APL Salalah (Container Ship)

• One Matrix (Container Ship)

• COSCO New York (Container Ship)

Ships Sailed:

• CMA CGM Gemini

• Pan Optimum

• KMTC Delhi

• CMA CGM Titus

• NH Erle

• Wadi Duka

Expected Sailing:

• Orient al Viola – June 25, 2024

• XT Dolphin – June 25, 2024

Expected Arrivals at Karachi Port:

• Navios Jasmine – June 25, 2024 (D/L Container Ship)

• MSC Avni – June 25, 2024 (D/L Container Ship)

• Xin Ya Zhou – June 25, 2024 (D/L Container Ship)

• M.T Sargodha – June 26, 2024 (D/10958 Jet Oil)

• X-Press Capella – June 26, 2024 (D/L Container Ship)

• Atlantic Ibis – June 26, 2024 (D/L Container Ship)

• Grace Bridge – June 26, 2024 (D/L Container Ship)

• GFS Juno – June 26, 2024 (D/L Container Ship)

Cargo Handling Turnover: During the last 24 hours, Karachi Port managed a total cargo volume of 119,261 metric tons. This included 45,545 metric tons of export cargo and 73,716 metric tons of import cargo.

The commodity-wise handling at Karachi Port in metric tons is as follows:

Commodity Breakdown:

CommodityImport (MT)Export (MT)Total (MT)
Containerized Cargo47,55618,21465,770
Rock Phosphate6,177———6,177
Oil & Liquid Cargo19,98310,47130,454

The report highlights a busy 24-hour period at the port with significant movements and activities. The arrival of container ships and tankers, alongside the steady departure of vessels, underscores the port’s critical role in facilitating trade and handling diverse cargo types.

Karachi Port continues to demonstrate its capacity to manage substantial volumes of both import and export goods efficiently. The smooth operations and strategic scheduling of vessel movements ensure minimal delays and enhanced productivity.

This latest update reflects the ongoing efforts of Karachi Port to maintain optimal operational standards and provide comprehensive information to all stakeholders involved in the port’s activities. As the port handles a variety of cargo types, its pivotal role in supporting Pakistan’s trade and economy remains evident.