KTBA highlights difficulties in claiming exemption

KARACHI: Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) on Tuesday highlighted issues faced by taxpayers in obtaining exemption against import of raw material and plant and machinery.

The KTBA in a letter to Member Inland Revenue (Operations), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) highlighted the issues being faced by taxpayers while claiming exemption from income tax deduction on import of raw materials and plant and machinery.

The desired exemption certificate against tax deduction on import of raw material is though being auto generated by IRIS portal on the basis of annual quota allowed by the Commissioner Inland Revenue, the same however, for the past 6-7 days is not being uploaded on WeBOC portal. Consequently, the Custom authorities are unable to allow any exemption as the same is not being reflected on their WeBOC portal.

Secondly the IRIS portal has not been enabled to distinguish exemption application applied for raw material and the one applied for exemption on plant and machinery.

The KTBA said that consignment/LC wise exemption certificate is allowed against tax deduction on import of plant and machinery. However, while trying to apply for the said exemption certificate, following error message pops up on IRIS portal:
“You are not allowed any quota”

Any quota related objection can only be relevant in case of import of raw material and not otherwise.

The issues highlighted above are not more than IT Glitches and can be brought to correction with minimum due attention on the details of the system requirements.

In view of the foregoing, the KTBA requested the Member to kindly issue directions for resolutions of these issues on urgent basis so as to facilitate taxpayers.

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