MCC Preventive Karachi announces auction of motor vehicles on September 28

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Preventive, Karachi on Thursday announced auction of motor vehicles to be held on September 28, 2020 at Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Headquarter, NMB Wharf, Ghass Bandar, East Wharf, Karachi.

Following vehicles to be presented for the auction:

01. Toyota Harrier Jeep, Reg. No. JAA-454, Model 1998, 2999CC, Chassis No. MCU-10-0013510

02. Toyota Mark-II Saloon Car, Reg. No. BBL-708, Model 2000, 1800HP, Chassis No. JZX110-6000922

03. Toyota Hilux Surf Jeep, Reg. No. UU-691, Model 1992, 240CC, Chassis No. LN130-7022502

04. Mercedes Saloon Car, Reg. No. ZA-030 (Islamabad), Model 2000, 3200CC, Color White, Chassis No. WDB1704652F205019

05. BMW Car (735i), Reg. No. yG-455 (Islamabad), Model 2003, Color Black, Chassis No. WBAGL42050DD81475

06. Toyota Mark-X, Reg. No. AEH-764, Model 2013, 2499CC, Chassis No. GRX-130-6077002

07. Honda Civic Saloon Car, Reg. No. BEE 563, Model 2006, Chassis No. FD3-1006033

08. Honda Civic Hybrid Car, Reg. No. GS-0487, Model 2005, Chassis No. FD3-1001034

09. Hilux Surf Jeep, Reg. No. X-5251, Model 1994, Chassis No. KZN130-9021459

10. Honda Civic Car, Reg. No. AJH-324, Model 2005, 1493CC, Chassis No. DAA-FD3-1000126

11. Toyota Premio Car, Reg. No. UG-424 (Islamabad), Model 2005, 1998CC, Chassis No. AZT-240-0021746

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