Ministry extends implementation of SRO 604 related to solar panel import

Ministry extends implementation of SRO 604 related to solar panel import

ISLAMABAD: The ministry of commerce has extended the implementation of SRO 604 up to August 31, 2019. The ministry issued the SRO on May 28, 2019 which is related to import of solar panel and related equipments.

The ministry of commerce issued SRO 947(I)/2019 to extend the date of implementation of the SRO 604(I)/2019 from June 01, 2019 to August 31, 2019.

Therefore the provisions of the SRO 604 would take effect from September 01, 2019.

Sources in Pakistan Customs said that the extension of date for implementation of the SRO would help the import to clear their stuck up consignments on the previous terms and conditions.

Due to changes in the Import Policy Order, 2016 through SRO 604 resulted large amount of stuck up containers at the ports.

Considering the large number of stuck up containers of solar panels, Model Customs Collectorate (MCC), Appraisement South, allowed shifting of solar panel and related equipments consignments to CPF customs bonded warehouses or pubic bonded warehouses till the requirement of SRO 604 is not fulfilled by the importers.

The consignments of solar panels, inverters and other equipment used in solar technology were previously imported on the standards and conditions specified by the government as per last import policy order.

The stakeholders said that the ministry had issued the SRO without consultation with the industry participants and it resulted in this problem.

The ministry previously issued clarification and mentioned July 4 2019 as the date of implementation of new requirement but still large number of containers were stuck at ports as they were arrived under previous order and were not cleared prior to the said.

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