Nissan unveils all new electric SUV Ariya

Nissan unveils all new electric SUV Ariya

Nissan Motor Corporation unveiled the all new electric SUV Ariya. It is said that SUV will be undertaking a 27,000km from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole.

The SUV is designed to run on extreme terrains and environments, including ice fields, deep snow, steep mountain climbs and inhospitable desert dunes.

Modifications to the car have been intentionally minimal, with no changes to the battery or powertrain, but the most recognizable difference is the adaption of the suspension and addition of 39-inch tyres.

When coupled with e-4ORCE, Nissan’s advanced electric all-wheel-control technology, these modifications will enable the expedition car to tackle extreme terrains.

The towable prototype includes a packable, lightweight wind turbine and solar panels that will take advantage of high winds and long daylight hours to provide charge for the EV’s battery.

The Pole to Pole team entrusted Nissan, with the strong record of innovation, to help take on this EV expedition and chose the advanced Nissan Ariya as a versatile and highly capable expedition vehicle.

Retaining the production spec vehicle, particularly the standard battery and powertrain, is essential to the credibility of Pole to Pole but some necessary modifications were made in collaboration with polar mobility experts Arctic Trucks. These include raised suspension and 39-inch snow tyres, that were tested in Iceland’s Arctic-like terrain.

Nissan Ariya has extra features to help along the route, including an integrated espresso machine, weather station and a drone to capture surroundings.