Pakistan Customs warns tea importers of legal action on non-compliance

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has warned tea importers of legal proceedings in case they fail to provide certificate of Pakistan Tea Association at the time of clearance, sources said on Saturday.

Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Appraisement – East in a notification said that during the random scrutiny of goods declaration (GDs) of import clearance of tea falling under HS Code 09.02, it has been observed that most of the importers were not uploading the invoices duly attested by Pakistan Tea Association.
“This act of the importers of tea tantamount to violation of Section 79(I) a &b of the Customs Act, 1969,” it said.
The collectorate informed all the tea importers that non-uploading of invoices duly attested by Pakistan Tea Association at the time of filing GD may result in initiation of contravention proceedings which may attract penal action under the Customs Act, 1969.
MCC Appraisement South on May 03, 2017 issued guidelines on incomplete/incorrect declaration of imported-goods-non-compliance of public notices under self assessment system.
The appraisement south emphasized that true declaration should be submitted while filing GD along with supporting documents.
“For instance, for import of tea, certified invoice from Pakistan Tea Association; in case of drugs, ADC certified invoice; in case of import of iron and steel products, L/C where applicable; PPRO certificate where required, verified copy of FTA where claimed, certificates of PSQCA etc.,” the collectorte said.
The appraisement south had also noted that despite repeated reminders, it had been observed that certain importers/clearing agents were not uploading all the required documents as mentioned at the time of filing of GDs.
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