Pakistan launches online currency declaration

Pakistan launches online currency declaration

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Customs has launched an online currency declaration module for the facilitation of international passengers.

A statement issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Friday, stated that all outgoing and incoming international passengers can avail of this easy online facility for currency declarations during international travel to discharge their legal liability.

According to Currency Declaration System (CDS), a web form for the online currency declaration system has been developed. This form is publically accessible through the link available at the WeBOC portal: à Apply online à online currency declaration.

Passengers are able to open the online currency declaration form by simply clicking on the provided link and fill the form.

Functionality to scan and read QR code information from passenger customs declaration form has been developed and available to departure monitoring officer and arrival monitoring officer role at the arrival and departure record screen.

The system is able to decode/read the QR code information and auto-populate the passport number information into the ‘passport number’ field and flight date information into the ‘flight date’ field of the ‘arrival record entry’ screen.

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