POS installation offers reduced tax rates: LTO Karachi

POS installation offers reduced tax rates: LTO Karachi

KARACHI: Officials of Large Taxpayers Office (LTO) Karachi have apprised the business community that installation of Point of Sale (POS) offered reduced rate of sales tax.

A team of tax officials from Large Tax Office (LTO) Karachi visited Pakistan Business Council (PBC) on Wednesday to discuss the integration of Tier-1 retailers, a statement said on Wednesday.

The purpose of the visit was to listen and redress the grievances regarding the online integration of Tier-1 retailers / Point of Sale (POS) with the FBR system.

It was apprised to the members that the POS integration of retailers does not involve new tax, rather it gives the benefit of reduced rate of sales tax to consumers who buy the goods from integrated Tier-1 retailers.

The LTO Karachi team was comprised of officers included: Shakeel Ahmad Kasana, Commissioner-Inland Revenue (IR); Aijaz Hussain, Additional Commissioner-IR; Shoukat Ali Changezi, Additional Commissioner-IR; Abdul Hameed Mangrio Deputy Commissioner-IR; and Amjad Ali Moroojo, Audit Officer-IR.

The representatives of the PBC were: Ehsan A. Malik, Chief Executive; Samir S. Amir, Director Research; and Aman Chanchi, Unilever Pakistan.

The Commissioner-IR briefed the members regarding the scope and purpose of POS integration.

A formal presentation was given by Abdul Hameed Mangrio, Deputy Commissioner which was followed by Q&A session.

The delegation requested the members to encourage the Tier-1 retailers to get integrated with the FBR system for ease of reporting of sales and avoid unnecessary documentation besides enjoying reduced rates of tax on their supplies.

The members of the Council appreciated the outreach efforts of FBR to remove the misconception and misgivings regarding the online integration of retailers with the FBR system.

They appreciated the system and informed that Pakistan Business Council is always encouraged to promote documentation of the economy and Point of Sale (POS) is the right step in this direction.

They also assured their active engagement for making the Point of Sale (POS) integration a success story for the larger interest of the country and the documentation of the economy.