Prolonged industry closure to be harmful: FPCCI

Prolonged industry closure to be harmful: FPCCI

KARACHI: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), the apex trade body of the country, urged the authorities to evolve strategy of functioning business activities during lockdown to prevent spread of coronavirus.

FPCCI President Mian Anjum Nisar, while criticizing arrest of businessmen urged the relevant authorities to take serious notice of the situation.

He also urged to devise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to the trade and industry for smooth functioning as the economy of Pakistan may not face prolonged closure of the industry that will be harmful for the entire nations.

He expressed serious concern over unfavorable behavior towards the trade and industry that are supporting the government to ensure economic sustainability in this crises where every segment of economy is suffering.

He said that legal/representative forums are available to complaint against violation by any member of the business community. On the other hand the entire trade and industry has assured to the government for economic progress despite various challenges due to prevailing condition under COVID-19.

However, such attitude discourages commercial activities to support the government policies and programs.

Mian Anjum Nisar President FPCCI seriously expressed his concern over the arrest/detention of a member of the business community and termed it a discouraging environment for businesses where the industry is facing lot of challenges to compete and complete exports order that Pakistan needs to continue to bring foreign exchange through exports.

He further told that the exporters are losing orders, nearly 70 percent export orders has been cancelled due to global environment and for completing remaining 30 percent we need to function smoothly adherence to health precautionary measures.

But under such circumstances where industry has to be closed, no lay off labors, no facility for shipments, cash flow, banking and market obligation, how all these requirements could be met out when the authorities and agencies creating such problems of harassment and arrest/ detention of industrialists.

He stated that at this time of global crises where most of the countries are losing trade and facing drastic decline in exports the government should follow policies that are favourable to industry and avoid from strict actions against trade and industry of the country.

Those are following precautionary, safety and security measures at their factories to protect the environment from spread of virus may be supported uninterrupted production activities.