Sales tax auditors form association against FBR’s unfair treatment

Sales tax auditors form association against FBR’s unfair treatment

KARACHI: The officers of Sales Tax have formed an association to voice against biased treatment of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

A statement issued on Tuesday said that Senior Auditors of BS-16 and Audit Officers of BS-16 had formed the association against unfair treatment of the FBR.

They said that the sales tax officers had been continuously ignored after the integration of services by the FBR.

They said that the BS-18 audit officers had been compelled to work under BS-16 and BS-19 officers of Income Tax.

The statement said that the situation was frustrating as officers having 20 years experience were compelled to work under inexperienced income tax officers. This situation has also jeopardized the revenue collection efforts.

The statement pointed out that sales tax officers having higher education caliber including MBA, MCOM, ICMA etc, had been deprived of promotions. Instead those officers were upgraded in the name of promotions.

It said that the sales tax wing was major arm of FBR and contributing huge sum in the shape of revenue collection. But the FBR is continuously ignoring the experience of sales tax officers, which is resulting in massive revenue shortfall.

The association requested Prime Minister Imran Khan, Finance Minister Asad Umar and State Minister Hamad Azhar to take notice of unfair treatment of FBR and resolve the issue.