Sales tax rates slashed on kerosene, light diesel

Energy, Taxation

ISLAMABAD: The government has announced cut in sales tax rates on kerosene oil and light diesel in order to absorb the price hike on petroleum products.

In this regard the FBR issued SRO 726(I)/2021 on Tuesday to comply with the decision of the government for keeping the POL prices intact by absorbing a hike in prices through downward adjustment in sales tax rates.

The sales tax rate on kerosene oil has been reduced to 10.07 percent from the previous rate of 15.44 percent. Similarly, the sales tax rate on light diesel oil has been reduced to 3.67 percent from 7.56 percent. Meanwhile, the sales tax rates on petrol and high speed oil have been kept unchanged at 17 percent.

According to an official statement issued on May 31, 2021, the prime minister had decided to maintain the prices of petroleum products as they were on May 17, 2021.

“The government has not increased the prices of petroleum products since April 16, 2021 by adjusting sales tax and petroleum levy so that there is no corresponding increase in the prices of essential items and maximum relief is provided to the common man.”

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