Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 China Edition: 25W Certified

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 China Edition: 25W Certified

Samsung is poised to introduce its latest innovation, the Galaxy Z Fold 6, on July 10. While a wealth of information regarding the new foldable device’s specifications and design has already surfaced, details about its battery and charging capabilities have remained elusive until now.

Recently, the Chinese variant of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, identified as the SM-W9025, received certification from the China Compulsory Certification (3C). This certification revealed that the device will support 25W wired charging, continuing a trend that dates back to the Galaxy Z Fold2, which debuted in September 2020.

This consistency in charging capability underscores Samsung’s commitment to maintaining reliable performance standards across its foldable lineup.

The SM-W9025 will be introduced in China under the moniker Samsung W25. This version is expected to be a more premium edition of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, featuring a slightly altered design and the highest memory tier available. Exclusively partnered with China Telecom, the country’s leading carrier, the W25 is anticipated to offer a superior experience tailored to the Chinese market.

The Samsung W25 will not only boast enhanced specifications but will also carry a higher price tag, reflecting its luxurious design and premium features. However, this exclusive variant is unlikely to be available outside of China, maintaining its status as a regional luxury product.

Following the information about the W25, another post claimed that there will also be a Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim variant, which will not support the S Pen. This variant is expected to offer a sleeker design for those who prioritize portability.

The global unveiling of the new foldables is set for next Wednesday, at which point all details will be confirmed. Fans and tech enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the event to learn more about these exciting new additions to Samsung’s foldable lineup.