SBP’s customer forex rates – June 30, 2022

SBP’s customer forex rates – June 30, 2022

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has published the foreign exchange rates for customers on June 30, 2022.

These rates, based on the weighted average rates of commercial banks, play a crucial role in guiding transactions involving foreign currencies and are essential for individuals and businesses engaged in international trade.

The data shared by the SBP is compiled and disseminated for informational purposes only. These exchange rates are estimates quoted by various commercial banks to their clients, serving as indicative values in the foreign exchange market. Commercial banks use these rates as benchmarks for commercial transactions with customers.

As of June 30, 2022, the buying and selling rates for various foreign currencies in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) are as follows:

• AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham):

• Buying: PKR 55.6232

• Selling: PKR 55.7349

• AUD (Australian Dollar):

• Buying: PKR 140.6590

• Selling: PKR 140.9274

• CAD (Canadian Dollar):

• Buying: PKR 158.2948

• Selling: PKR 158.6023

• CHF (Swiss Franc):

• Buying: PKR 214.0541

• Selling: PKR 214.4773

• CNY (Chinese Yuan):

• Buying: PKR 30.5132

• Selling: PKR 30.5738

• EUR (Euro):

• Buying: PKR 213.5920

• Selling: PKR 214.0297

• GBP (British Pound):

• Buying: PKR 247.9707

• Selling: PKR 248.4810

• JPY (Japanese Yen):

• Buying: PKR 1.4977

• Selling: PKR 1.5007

• SAR (Saudi Riyal):

• Buying: PKR 54.4231

• Selling: PKR 54.5318

• USD (United States Dollar):

• Buying: PKR 204.1670

• Selling: PKR 204.5898

These rates provide valuable information for individuals and businesses engaged in international financial activities. Foreign exchange rates are subject to market fluctuations, and individuals are encouraged to verify the latest rates with their respective banks or financial institutions for accurate and up-to-date information. The SBP’s customer forex rates contribute to transparency in the foreign exchange market, assisting stakeholders in making well-informed decisions for their financial dealings.