Tax rate disparity discourages corporatization: PSX

Tax rate disparity discourages corporatization: PSX

KARACHI: Inequality in tax rates for corporate and non-corporate businesses has discouraging corporatization in the country, Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) noted in its proposals for budget 2021/2022.

The stock exchange pointed out that corporate business profits are taxed twice: once at company level at 29 percent and on dividend distribution at 15 percent.

As compare to 44 percent of total tax in case of companies, unincorporated businesses are being taxed from 0 percent to 35 percent in slabs.

This inequity in taxation is discouraging corporatization and documentation as unincorporated businesses are subject to substantially lower taxes.

Absence of clarity in tax laws is causing issues of taxation of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP5) as companies whereas LLPs are essentially AoPs with perpetual life.

Therefore, the PSX recommended that inequality of taxation of businesses shall gradually be removed by reducing corporate tax rate/increasing tax rates for AoPs [First Schedule Part 1, Division I, II, hA & Ill]. Rationale

It said that equality of tax regime will promote corporatization culture leading towards documentation and will therefore generate more tax revenue.

Adding clarity with respect to status of LLP will encourage more businesses particularly in services sector to opt for this perpetual business structure. It will also help in increasing tax revenue from these segments.

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