2025 Honda Civic Lineup Pricing, Hybrid Options Explained

2025 Honda Civic Lineup Pricing, Hybrid Options Explained

The eagerly anticipated 2025 Honda Civic lineup has officially begun arriving at dealerships nationwide, showcasing refreshed styling, enhanced technology, and impressive fuel efficiency.

With confirmed pricing details and outstanding fuel economy ratings, the new Civic sets a new standard in the compact car segment.


Here are the pricing points for the 2025 Honda Civic lineup, including the destination charge:

LX: Equipped with a 2.0L engine and CVT transmission, priced at $24,250 MSRP + $1,095 Destination Charge.

Sport: Features a 2.0L engine with CVT transmission, priced at $26,250 MSRP + $1,095 Destination Charge.

Sport Hybrid: Combines a hybrid powertrain with the 2.0L engine, priced at $28,750 MSRP + $1,095 Destination Charge.

Sport Touring Hybrid: Top-tier model with hybrid powertrain and premium features, priced at $31,750 MSRP + $1,095 Destination Charge.

The 2025 Honda Civic lineup has been revitalized with sleeker designs, improved fuel efficiency, and the introduction of powerful hybrid-electric models. Key highlights include:

Sporty Styling and Efficiency

The latest Civic boasts refreshed styling cues, including a more aggressive front fascia and striking darker taillights. For those seeking enhanced performance and fuel savings, the new hybrid-electric variants deliver with up to 50 mpg EPA city fuel economy, making them a standout choice in the compact car segment.

Powerful Hybrid-Electric Performance

Among the most notable additions is the Civic Sport Hybrid, featuring a robust hybrid-electric powertrain generating 232 lb.-ft of torque – marking it as the most potent Civic variant outside the Type R lineup. This model promises spirited acceleration alongside exceptional efficiency, aligning perfectly with Honda’s commitment to electrification.

Strategic Electrification Move

Expected to account for 40% of annual Civic sales, the hybrid-electric models represent a significant stride in Honda’s broader electrification strategy. With competitive pricing starting from $24,250 MSRP, the Civic continues to offer exceptional value and accessibility to the Honda brand.

Advanced Technology and Safety Features

Every 2025 Civic comes standard with Honda Sensing®, offering advanced safety and driver-assist technologies. Updates for 2025 enhance system visibility for motorcycles and bicycles, reinforcing Honda’s dedication to safety innovation.

Availability and Future Outlook

The 2025 Honda Civic Sedan hits dealership floors today, with the Civic hybrid variant set to arrive next week. Future releases include the eagerly anticipated Civic Hatchback, Civic Type R, and Civic Si models, ensuring a comprehensive lineup catering to diverse consumer preferences.


With its blend of sporty aesthetics, enhanced hybrid options, and cutting-edge safety features, the 2025 Honda Civic reaffirms its status as America’s favorite compact car. Stay tuned as Honda continues to innovte and electrify the automotive landscape.