Advance tax rates enhanced by 50pc for non-filers on motor vehicle purchase

KARACHI: The government has allowed non-filers to purchase locally manufactured motor vehicles but at the same time the advance tax rates for non-compliant taxpayers have been increased by 50 percent.
Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) said that the rates have been revised upward on purchase and registration of new locally manufactured cars by non-filers and these rates would be applicable from the date of approval of Finance Supplementary (Second Amendment) Act, 2019.
Following are the rates for non-filers on purchase of motor vehicles:

S. No Engine capacity Old rates New rates
01 Up to 850cc Rs10,000 Rs15,000
02 851cc to 1000cc Rs25,000 Rs37,500
03 1001cc to 1300cc Rs40,000 Rs60,000
04 1301cc to 1600cc Rs100,000 Rs150,000
05 1601cc to 1800cc Rs150,000 Rs225,000
06 1801cc to 2000cc Rs200,000 Rs300,000
07 2001cc to 2500cc Rs300,000 Rs450,000
08 2501cc to 3000cc Rs400,000 Rs600,000
09 Above 3000cc Rs450,000 Rs675,000

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