SBP relaxes non-filer condition for depositing into foreign currency account under tax amnesty scheme

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Wednesday relaxed non-filer condition for depositing into to foreign currency accounts in order to facilitate declarants of tax amnesty scheme 2019. Read more »

No provision for non-filers to purchase immovable property, motor vehicle: FBR

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has said that no such provision was proposed through Finance Bill 2019 to allow non-filers to purchase immovable property or motor vehicles. Read more »

Foreign Remittances: Non-filers get exemption on cash withdrawal

KARACHI: The government has granted exemption from deduction of income tax on cash withdrawal by non-filers from Pak Rupee bank accounts, which have been opened for receiving foreign remittances. Read more »

Advance tax rates enhanced by 50pc for non-filers on motor vehicle purchase

KARACHI: The government has allowed non-filers to purchase locally manufactured motor vehicles but at the same time the advance tax rates for non-compliant taxpayers have been increased by 50 percent. Read more »

Finance Supplementary (2nd Amendment) Act 2019: motor vehicle purchase restriction on non-filers withdrawn

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has allowed non-filers of income tax returns to purchase locally manufactured motor vehicles. Read more »

Legislation to encourage tax non-compliance

KARACHI: All efforts of tax collecting agency in broadening of tax base will be in vain due to changes introduced to tax laws by the present government, which allows non-compliant taxpayers to... Read more »

KTBA requests FBR to include late-filers’ name into ATL

KARACHI: The Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) on Thursday requested tax authorities to include names of late filers of income tax returns, who already applied for extension, into Active Taxpayers List (ATL). Read more »

Local car assemblers to be beneficiary on concession to non-compliant taxpayers

KARACHI: The local car assemblers are main beneficiary of the government decision to allow non-compliant taxpayers for purchasing motor vehicles, analysts said on Thursday. Read more »

Non-filers allowed purchase of locally assembled motor vehicles of any engine capacity

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has allowed non-filers of income tax returns to purchase of locally assembled motor vehicles of any engine capacity. Read more »

Only non-filers to pay withholding tax on cash, non-cash banking transactions

KARACHI: The government has facilitated compliant taxpayers by abolishing withholding tax on cash withdrawal from banks by filers of income tax returns. Read more »

Non-filers allowed motor vehicle purchase on enhanced tax rates

KARACHI: In order to generate sizeable revenue during the current fiscal year the government has lifted the ban on non-filers for purchasing motor vehicles. Read more »

Curbs on non-filers trap tax authorities

ISLAMABAD: The tax authorities are facing challenging revenue collection after imposing curbs on non-filers in the budget 2018/2019. Read more »