Business community resents detaining export containers ahead of political dharna

KARACHI: Business community has resented the government move to detain export containers ahead of political rally and Dharna (sit-in) and said it will result in massive trade loss.

Muhammad Jawed Bilwani, Chairman Pakistan Apparel Forum stated that the country’s politics must not affect the trade and exports of Pakistan all the exports and cargo containers must not be detained.

All the containers already detained by the Government must immediately be released without any delays to avoid fiscal and trade losses.

While expressing deep concern over seizure of huge number of containers loaded with export consignments in Punjab province, Bilwani said that these cargo containers, reportedly detained for the purpose to block all roads heading towards Islamabad to prevent political elements and their supporters from entering into the federal capital city where they want to stage sit-in but the authorities have ignored the fact that most of these containers were loaded with export consignments.

If export containers not released, this will lead to cancellation of precious orders which will not only be a great loss to the exporters but also the nation in the current crucial times.

The government must realize that any loss to business people will also have a severe impact on the economic performance of the country.

He added that the situation would also send a very negative signal abroad when the export consignments would not be delivered to the buyers as per commitment whereas the local markets might also experience severe shortage of numerous goods and commodities. In view of tense situation, transporters were unwilling to carry goods to the upcountry.

Bilwani was of the view that instead of engaging exporter’s containers and disturbing business activities, the Federal and Provincial governments should purchase their own damaged / defected containers to block all roads in the best interest of our nation’s export and economy.

It is the responsibility of every Pakistani citizen including those who are in the Government or in the Opposition not to disturb the country’s exports and ensure that export containers enroute to Karachi and further abroad must not be hold or detained in the national interest.

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