Coronavirus outbreak: declaration made mandatory on international arrival

ISLAMABAD: The government has made mandatory for all passengers entering Pakistan to submit health declaration. The decision has been taken in the wake of coronavirus outbreak, as statement said on Saturday.

All passengers entering Pakistan As per the instruction from Ministry of Health, all passengers entering Pakistan will be required to submit a Health Declaration form which will include contact details and brief travel history.

The submission of those completed form will be necessary for entering Pakistan.

Health Declaration Card will be distributed amongst all the passengers in plane.

In accordance with the instructions of the Government of Pakistan and in view of Novel Coronavirus outbreak, all passengers are advised to fill up the form and handover to Health Staff in the International Arrival Lounge.

Non-Compliance shall result in denial of entry to the country.

The form contains demographic information of passenger, travel history and health status like issue of fever, cough and shortness of breath. This form is made for easiness of public.

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