Customs Anti-Smuggling announces auction of used vehicles on July 27

Customs Anti-Smuggling announces auction of used vehicles on July 27

KARACHI: Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of Pakistan Customs announced auction of used vehicles on July 27, 2020 at ASO Headquarter, NMB Wharf, Ghass Bandar, East Wharf, Karachi.

Following vehicles to be presented for the auction:

01. Toyota Lexus Car, Reg No. UC-868, Model 2006, 3485CC, Chassis No. JTHBG 963905034702

02. Toyota Harrier Jeep, Reg. No. JAA-454, Model 1998, 2999CC, Chassis No. MCU-10-0013510

03. Toyota Mark-II Saloon Car, Reg. No. BBL-708, Model 2000, 1800 HP, Chassis No. JZX110-6000922

04. Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep (White), Reg. No. LZN-888, Model 1999, 4663CC, Chassis No. UZJ 100-0081129

05. Mercedes Benz Saloon Car, Reg. No. # AB 1001, Chassis No. WDB1240312B476728

06. Toyota Hilux Surf Jeep, Reg. No. UU-691, Model 1992, 240CC, Chassis No. LN130-7022502.

07. Toyota Mark-X Car, Reg. No. AQD 567, Model 2006, 2449CC, Chassis No. GRX120-3018594

08. Mercedes Saloon Car, Reg. ZA-030 (Islamabad), Model 2000, 3200CC, Chassis No. WDB1704652F205019

09. BMW Car (735i), Reg No. YG-455 (Islamabad), Model 2003 (Black), Chassis No. WBAGL42050DD81475

10. Toyota Mark-X Car, Reg. Fake-SP-046-A, Model 2005, 2500CC, Chassis No. GRX120-3006864

11. Mercedes Benz Car S-600, Reg. No. IDM-5885, Model 1992, Color Black, 3000CC, Chassis No. WDB-1400572A420288

12. Toyota Mark-X, Reg. No. AEH-764, Model 2013, 2499CC, Chassis No. GRX-130-6077002

13. Honda Civic Saloon Car, Reg. No. BEE 563, Model 2010, Chassis No. FD3-1006033.