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Customs Intelligence Multan announces auction of confiscated vehicles on March 24

ISLAMABAD: The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, Multan has announced auction of confiscated vehicles on March 24, 2021 lying at state warehouse of the directorate.

Following vehicles to be presented for the auction:

1. Toyota Corolla Car (accident), Model-2006, Chassis No. NZE121-3351112

2. Toyota Fielder “X” Car, Model-2001, Chassis No. NZE121-0039807

3. Toyota Probox Car, Model-2004, Chassis No. NCP50-0027535

4. Hino Ranger Tuck, Model-1991, Chassis No. FD3WDA-11415

5. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model-1998, Chassis No. VZJ95-0039067

6. Hino Ranger Truck, Model-2001, Chassis No. FDIJLD-15708

7. Toyota Vitz Car, Model-2003, Chassis No. SCP13-0030360

8. Toyota Aqua Car, Model-2012, Chassis No. NHP10-6069798

9. Toyota Fielder Car, Model-2014, Chassis No. NKE165-7064534

10. Suzuki Alto Car, Model-2013, Chassis No. HA25S-874119

11. Toyota Vitz Car, Model-2011, Chassis No. NSP130-2036789

12. Hino Ranger Truck, Model-1990, Chassis No. FD3HMA-11083

13. Suzuki Alto Car, Model-2012, Chassis No. HA25V-741746

14. BMW Car, Model-2009, Chassis No. WBANTI2030CX30125

15. Toyota Vitz Car, Model-1999, Chassis No. SCP10-0066271

16. Toyota Raum Car, Model-2007, Chassis No. NCZ20-0107469

17. Toyota Hilux Single Cabin, Model-2016, Chassis No. MROEX3CB401103255

18. Toyota Aqua Car, Model-2012, Chassis No. NHP10-6125166

19. Toyota Corolla Car, Model-2003-4, Chassis No. NZE121-3256455

20. Toyota Corolla Car, Model-2004, Chassis No. NZE140-2185740